Terms And Condition

It is a great honour for us to be the country’s premier IT service provider. Our company’s primary purpose is to give our clients high-quality and professional IT services to better connect with their target market.

Customers and organisations alike are increasingly relying on service providers to remain connected as the digital revolution progresses. It is difficult and expensive to expand and maintain networks to keep pace with demand. In order to maintain your network competitively and increase profitability, TECHVOLTE can help you optimise and maximise your present infrastructure. Currently, service providers worldwide rely on our extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, and wide range of cost-effective infrastructure services.

With our next-generation network, which boasts the highest possible levels of security, scalability, and quality, we are able to give the best performance in its respective class. Our information technology services include Logo Design, Websites, Mobile Apps, Branding, and Portfolio, all of which are geared to assist operators in entering new markets quickly and affordably. The experience has taught us that we must continue to develop new procedures, technologies, and alliances in order to improve network performance and user experience. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest digital services possible, drawing on our wealth of industry knowledge. The following terms and conditions are critical for our clients to understand before doing business with us. The words “us,” “we,” and “our” are reserved solely for the use of TECHVOLTE and its subsidiaries.

Trademark and Copyright:

Everything that has been displayed on this website has been created by TECHVOLTE and is the intellectual property of TECHVOLTE. Services, software, programming, formats, and designs are all examples of textual and graphical information that fall under this category. As a result, it is strictly prohibited to use any of the information associated with TECHVOLTE’s intellectual property without the express written agreement of TECHVOLTE. Additionally, it is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, the corporation has made the assumption that all visitors to this website are aware of the information included on this page.

Contacting Information:

To stay in touch with our clients, we employ a variety of methods of communication. The following is a list of the various methods of communication like we are available to come in contact on phone calls, Emails are also the best options. To make connections easier we do have WhatsApp option too.

Payment Options:

All the payments are acceptable in advance only. Therefore, it is requested to all our clients that they must clear all of their outstanding debts before we begin working on their requested services. Paying late can also cause problems with the deadline for submitting the work. As a result, the company will not be held liable for any lost time due to the situation. There are a variety of ways to pay for goods and services. Please contact our customer service professionals in order to learn more about the payment process.

Important Consideration:

AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, and PDF are some of the file types that can be used.

A single brand can avail of up to 25 revisions and 25 log concepts.

If you don’t get the services you paid for, a refund is obviously possible.