Privacy Policy

As a government-registered organisation, we are required to comply with the Companies Act and the Data Protection Act. These statutes impose on us the responsibility to protect our clients’ privacy in order to retain their confidentiality. On the other hand, in the event of a legal proceeding, we reserve the right to divulge any personal information about the customer.

Liability for Service Usage:

We are accountable to you for providing safe and secure services. On the other hand, we will not be liable for property damage caused by the misuse of a facility.

Website Alteration Policy:

We have the right to amend, modify, or delete any content on the website without notifying our clients in advance. Additionally, all modifications made to the website will be visible on the website as they have been decided upon and implemented.

Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy is included below and details how we use the information provided by our customers. We reserve the right to modify our website’s privacy policy at any time; however, the most current version of our privacy policy will always be shown on our website.

Collection of Information:

It is critical to note that your personal information, such as your name and email address, will be required to utilise our services.

Confidentiality of Information:

It is with pride that we express our commitment to maintaining our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. We are obligated not to disclose any of our client’s personal information to any third party.

Information Collected About Website Visits:

Whenever customers visit our website, we have the right to inspect the visitors’ IP addresses. This permission is required to verify visitors’ locations in order to provide them with the most personalised and customised services possible.

Personal Information Usage:

We shall utilise our clients’ personal information to contact them. On the other hand, we will never share their personally identifiable information with anybody else.

Access To User Information:

Clients who wish to view their personal information may do so easily by contacting our inquiry team or Legal Department via email. We reserve the right to request any of your personally identifiable information in order to establish your identity.